VAT (Value added tax)

Need assistance with VAT? Call us, we can help. Our services includes, calculate and compile VAT worksheets, complete and submit your VAT return, assist and handle VAT audits and verifications and advise on compliance of the act.

VAT may seem simple, but is far from it. It is one of the taxes that carries a significant risk in your business. It requires both diligence and knowledge when completing your vat return. A simple error as claiming vat on coffee and tea for your staff, or for a microwave purchased for the staff kitchen can land you in hot water when SARS conducts a vat audit. Remember that you act as an agent for SARS and collect the vat on behalf of SARS. SARS requires, when you register for vat, to make yourself known to the vat act and the terms such as, standard rate goods, zero rated goods, exempt supply and capital goods. They do not except the excuse "I did not know" and will penalize you to the full extend and even prosecute you criminally. 

VAT provision - Goods and assets not purchased in the name of the business

Did you recently purchase an asset for the company but not in the name of the company? Tried to claim input vat and was denied the claim? We can help. We use a provision within the act to claim the input vat, legally.