Problems with SARS ???

Being audited, not getting your refund, wrongly assessed, we can help. With a proven track record and experience in dispute resolution with SARS.

Do not wait to get professional help! You only have a limited time to act. The longer you wait, the more difficult and expensive its going to become. You normally have 30 days to object against a assessment you do not agree with. After that you need to have a good explanation for the objection. You end up letting SARS decides to except your explanation or not.

SARS have also recently introduced a "special stoppers" on accounts, resulting on refunds being delayed. According to SARS this happens when there is a change in details, like bank accounts, contact details, etc or they suspect that their is a verification issue. We are more likely to belief that SARS uses the special stopper to delay refunds deliberately. Whatever the reason may be, it is a nuisance to get it sorted. Contact us for assistance in lifting the special stopper.

Being audited ??

Tax audits do happen. Do not think it might not happen to you. An audit is different to a verification. In a verification SARS ask for documents or evidence for information submitted in your return. In a audit SARS collects evidence based on the information they have, whether random or as part of a risk assessment or even a complaint they have received.

Firstly do not panic, when you panic you end up making desperate decisions that might do more damage than good. Ask the official for identification and the authorisation letter to conduct the field audit. If they cannot produce this you can assume, according to the tax administration act, that they are not SARS officials. You may then accordingly refuse entry and contact the police if they insist entering without the proper identification or authorisation from a verifiable senior SARS official (Phone SARS to confirm if you have to). 

SARS officials cannot enter your private dwelling or a domestic premises without your consent. The only time they can enter your private home is when you conduct any kind of business from your private residence.

After that, get help from a professional!!!. When they conduct a field audit without notice you have the right to legal presentation and advise. Do get it!! Do not think you can handle this on your own.

Normally SARS has to give you notice when they are going to conduct a field audit. In the notice they will also have the scope of the audit. The notice is normally 10 business days in advance. Do not delay getting professional assistance that same day. Getting help you will save a lot of money and possible criminal prosecution.