Personal Income Tax

Doing your own return? Well.... if you are convinced that is the most cost effective and safe thing to do, you may continue. Keep in mind that SARS do make mistakes and do you know the tax laws well to pick up on these mistakes. SARS also monitors you when you keep on using the SARS e-filing calculator for the best possible result. Do not be surprised if SARS select you then for verification or audit.



Well lets look at it. If you earn under R350 000 for a full year from one employer (that�s your total salary income before tax) and have no other sources of additional income (for example, interest, travelling allowance or rental income) and no deductions that you want to claim (for example medical expenses, travel or retirement annuities), then you don�t need to submit a return.

Still unsure whether you need to submit? Then click here.... 
It is still advisable to seek assistance to find out if you are legible for a refund.

Save money and be safe

The right tax preparer will safe you money. Not only by ensuring the most adequate tax calculation and applications of the tax laws, but also ensuring that your return is submitted on time and correct..


Value added service

We provide the best service available with your tax preparation by using our extensive knowledge and experience in tax. It is our mission to keep ourselves informed by continuously analyzing the tax laws and amendments to ensure the most accurate and best result. We also use state of the art software known in the industry to predetermined that all possible advantages has been used before we submit your tax.


Your return might be complicated

Your tax return might be more complex than you imagined. Most common mistake is that taxpayers do not examine their IRP5 certificate. Besides your normal income, like salary, commission, etc, their might be income declared by your employer you have either forgotten or might not even know about. 

It can be a travel claim that you were reimbursed for (maybe to the bank or collect post at the post office). Maybe your employer paid a bill on your behalf (tuck shop cost, speeding fine). All these can impact your IRP5 calculation. 

Sold any property or fixed assets? Their might be a capital gains implication. We provide a comprehensive service when it comes to your tax calculation. Stop guessing and hope you get away with it. Use a registered tax professional.

Our pricing guide. Plan ahead

Income tax return  R       500.00
Add ons:
Business trade  R         450.00

Business trade price as shown above excludes general bookkeeping services or drafting of financial statements. It includes the general calculations based on the information provided.

Complex return level

Complex return level is a add on that is added according to the complexity of your return. Meaning the likelihood that there is more work to be done after finalising your return.

The higher the likelihood SARS will audit the higher level the complexity. E.g. a substantial  medical claim due to disability and the additional medical cost need to be proofed to SARS (Level 1). You have used multiple vehicles in your travel claim or car allowance (Reps, car sales reps, etc) (Level 2). You have travel abroad for work and have income in South Africa as well (Level 3).

If you are not sure about the complexity, please contact us for free complexity assessment.