Payroll Services

We provide a comprehensive payroll service. From payslips, contracts and more.

Our service includes issuing payslips, calculation of PAYE and UIF, IRP5 certificates issue and other services relating to payroll. We ensure that legislation is met in regards to employment. 

We maintain the payroll on a ongoing basis. When there is a termination, we submit the UI19 to the department of labour, issue the certificate of service and work out the final remuneration. Our payroll service includes expiration date monitoring, by continuing monitoring all contracts, visa permits and asylum permits and inform you when they are about to expire.

Legislation is a big part of your payroll. We handle all statutory filing. Once we finalise the payroll, we will on your behalf submit SARS returns, department of labour submissions, COID returns annually and provide a report that we issue you and the relevant pension companies and other related parties.